About Us

Xcessories Squared Development & Mfg., Inc., an Auburn, IL based company, incorporated 25 years ago. We have over 75 years of combined experience in the traffic sign support industry. From anchor driving equipment, to break-a-way bases, sign posts, sign bracing, and all clamps, brackets & related hardware, your total sign support product line starts here. We not only manufacture to state and FHWA requirements, but are continually involved in product design and development in conjunction with highway department's needs and requests. Problem solving and new innovating design is one of our most important strengths. Let us help you solve your sign support concerns. Please continue to review our website, FHWA approvals, and affiliations. Keep in mind technical training, service, and product demonstration is standard at your place or ours.

You may contact us at Info@X-Sqrd.com or call us at
800-621-7948 when additional technical support is required. We are ready and willing to assist with your design requirements.

TOLL FREE 1-800-621-7948
FAX 1-217-438-3917
7350 W. ST. RT. 104      P.O. BOX 135
AUBURN, IL 62615
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